The impact of mining on the environment

a voyage of discovery: how mining impacts the environment and what investors can do

Mining provides many of the materials and resources we need to live the everyday life we are accustomed to as a society. We need mines to acquire natural resources such as copper, silver, iron, oil, the list goes on. The natural resources mining provides are essential towards achieving a greener, more sustainable future. Most notably, copper and silver are essential commodities for developing battery powered alternatives to fossil fuel energy sources, indirectly contributing to a positive environmental effect of mining.


We have a social responsibility to ensure mining and its associated activities are as environmentally friendly as possible. This requires a set of balancing acts that will provide the highest possible gains at the lowest possible societal, and environmental costs. There are a number of factors that influence the environmental impacts of mining around the globe. Research and investments are consistently developing into learning how companies can do their part to minimize negative environmental and sociological effects. 

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